This NBA season started off in the blink of an eye: So many rumors and trades as well as other drama were filling the league more than ever. One of the huge rumors at the start of the season was a possibility of Pelicans Centre Anthony Davis being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. A potential deal sending the MVP candidate to LA was creating a buzz around NBA players and fans alike. However, just two weeks ago, Davis stated that he would be happy to stay with the Pelicans and has no interest of becoming a Los Angeles Laker.

After all of that drama started to settle down, a report from Express stated that Davis will more than likely turn down his contract extension with New Orleans this summer. Reports from ESPN stated as well that the Pelicans “Haven’t done enough to keep Davis”.

Davis is only 25 years old, and wants to win a title over money. He would certainly be getting a considerable pay-cut should he re-sign with the Lakers after being traded there. Davis has repeatedly asked the New Orleans front office to build a contending team around the big man, but have failed to do so. The Pelicans came close last season when they added Cousins, but the all-star centre got injured and left unexpectedly to join the almighty Golden State Warriors.

With Davis and LeBron paired up together, the Lakers would be a very scary team to face. It’ll surely give the Golden State Warriors some new competition when Cousins returns from his ACL injury following Christmas Day.

This news is certainly quite unexpected, as Davis was thought to stay in New Orleans with the pelicans until his contract expired. Of course, Davis doesn’t have any say in a potential trade deal, but saying he wants to win badly, the LA Lakers seem like the perfect fit for the big man.

This season, Davis is averaging 28.0 PPG, 12.4 RPG, and 4.7 APG in his 27 games played with the New Orleans Pelicans.