On Tuesday, there was some big news that was brought out throughout the NHL: The NHL is planning to add another expansion team to their league with a brand new franchise in Seattle. The new Seattle team is going to play in their first season during the 2021-2022 NHL season. While this was great news for hockey fans, it reminded many basketball fans of the Seattle SuperSonics; a team that relocated to OKC and became the Thunder following their 2007-2008 campaign. Seattle was actually a very talented team, and even won an NBA championship in their short existence, however they had to be relocated because a Seattle basketball team was too expensive at the time. The rent/cost of the arena was very difficult for the NBA to afford, so the league had to say their goodbyes to, what was once a championship-contending team.

During Seattle’s last year as an NBA franchise, there was a young rookie on the team, in Kevin Durant. Durant was only 18 years of age at the time, and actually won rookie of the year in 2008, right after the team moved to OKC. Durant was well-known for being on the Thunder for his whole career, until he signed with Golden State Warriors, but what people don’t remember is that he was actually drafted by the Sonics. In his Rookie of the Year season, Durant averaged 20.3 PPG, 4.3 RPG, 2.4 APG, 43% FG%, and 34.6 minutes a night in the 80 games that he played for the Sonics.

One thing that former NBA commissioner, David Stern said at the time was, “Seattle will soon get their NBA franchise back”. SuperSonics fans were relieved to see this, as there was a great fan base going on in Seattle. Currently, Seattle basketball fans are mostly watching college basketball, and would love to get an NBA franchise back soon.

Adam Silver is the new NBA commissioner, and he says he doesn’t plan on adding an expansion team to the NBA for the next couple seasons, but he’s keeping an open mind on it. He says, hopefully Seattle will get an NBA franchise in the near future, but he’s not making any promises.

With that said, former SuperSonic, Kevin Durant says that he’d love to be part of a Seattle ownership group. The two-time finals MVP said, “Hell yeah. Of course I would [join a team in Seattle]. No matter if it’s Seattle or any other team, just help young men grow. I mean, why not?” This is a pretty sure statement coming from Durant. At the age of 30, however, Durant could possibly be approaching retirement when it happens, but as he said, he would love to help the young guys grow. -And that’s exactly what the role of a veteran player is usually for.

So with the event of an NBA franchise returning to Seattle up in the air, it would surely be nice to see Kevin Durant come back to his old home. The fan base in Seattle is so strong, and it will really add a fun team to watch and/or cheer for. The building where the Sonics played is undergoing major renovations, but will be ready for the 2021-2022 season. Hopefully Adam Silver will have things figured out by then. At that time, Kevin Durant will be at the age of 33, which is usually considered a veteran player. If he stays healthy though, Durant could still very well be a valuable asset for his team.