Last year was the Cleveland Cavaliers’ fourth trip in a row to the NBA finals. Although they lost against the almighty Golden State Warriors in the form of a sweep, they put up a pretty good fight. But the primary reason why the Cleveland Cavaliers made it that far through the playoffs was the king, LeBron James. LeBron really stepped up his game in the playoffs, as he was the leading scorer in the postseason with a staggering average of 34.0 PPG.

That is 7 more points-per-game than the 28 points per game and that he averaged during the regular season. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough good players surrounding James to win a title. As many now know, James eventually decided to move out west and become a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Currently, the Lakers are the fifth seed in the Western Conference with a 14-9 record over the course of 23 games. The Lakers originally got off to a slow start to the season, but now find themselves as one of the form teams in the West. The Lakers are in a very tough division, as the Warriors and Clippers are two of the other teams in the pacific division.

So, with LeBron James doing relatively well out west, he has completely stranded his former Cavaliers team, who aren’t doing well at all this year. Rightfully so, Cavaliers fans aren’t too happy with the move, but it should be time to move past it. The problem is that James was such a huge factor in the Cavaliers last season, that the Cavaliers are the absolute worst team in the NBA this season with a record of 5-18.

Losing might not be that bad, though; if the team continues to tank, they could possibly get a high draft pick via the draft lottery. One man in particular that would really help out the Cavaliers would definitely be the top prospect out of Duke, Zion Williamson. Williamson, at the small forward position has a similar body type to James, and is even deemed as the “Next LeBron”. While this may not be true, if that style of play helped out the Cavaliers a bunch last season, there’s no reason why the same thing shouldn’t happen in the future.

So, since the Cavaliers know that they won’t be able to actually win anything with their roster, it might be time for them to start tanking. This means not trying their hardest to end up as among the worst NBA teams. This would give the a higher chance at the number one overall draft pick. That’s how they can choose Williamson to be in their team.

So many teams are targeting the young man, as he is a top prospect like no other. And if the Cleveland Cavaliers manage to draft Zion (which they probably would if the opportunity arises), he could potentially do what LeBron James did to the Cavs, making them an instant playoff team. Because Williamson is very young, he probably won’t be able to transform the Cavaliers into contenders by himself, but he could for sure turn the team into a playoff team alongside Kevin Love.

Of course, there is a good chance that the opportunity to draft Zion Williamson might not arise for the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, if it does, it makes sense based on the Cavaliers current roster (which is very similar to last years’ roster) to draft small forward Zion Williamson.