Jabari Parker is coming home – but he did not plan that rather it was as a result of an agreement that had come to conclusion with a $40 million deal.

Originally from Chicago, Jabari Parker had been playing for the Milwaukee Bucks since 2014 after a one-year college basketball for Duke University.

After the Milwaukee Bucks made Jabari a free agent, he agreed to the deal that will bring him to his hometown to join Chicago Bulls for a two-year contract.

Despite the fact Jabari is often injured, he is still known in basketball for his talent and the record that he had made for himself up to this day. He is a scorer at the NBA level, he has also been the leading cause for Chicago Simeon Academy to win four state championships. But that is not all, as his one season at Duke had been of star level. He was then drafted by the Bucks for four seasons.

During that time, he has injured his knee two times, both crucial since he tore his Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Both injuries have been the same and in the same knee. That did not deter from the quality of play that he gave the Bucks, nor from the scores, points, rebounds, and games records during his time with them.

The Chicago Bulls are quite delighted with his acceptance to join the team during a time when it is being rebuilt. Jabari adds a high scoring element with a powerful, tall frame, can score with either hand. He has been known to post up, run pick-and-roll, or set screens and pop or roll. The Bulls’ coach runs a motion-based offense that is more suited to Jabari’s skills along with more space for his large frame and a wide variety of potential five-out lineups to highlight his strength.

Parker’s skills are suited to the Bulls and that is an opportunity for him to revitalize his career on a team with a handful of talented, young teammates. He will be able to maximize his blend of size, burst, and ballhandling skills. The Bulls team has previously given these requirements to yet another player with similar size and skills namely; the 7-foot Lauri Markkanen; the Finnish player will now have a partner of almost same height and skills. Together they will hopefully make a duo of strength since they both can handle or screen and pop for 3s, pick-and-roll; all while dashing with speed.

Obviously, he will be glad to be home while at the same time the Bucks are wishing him all the best as they would miss a member of the family. That is how he had been to them, how they had treated him, and they wish him all the best.

If all goes well, it is a win-win for both sides in the upcoming NBA season, a homecoming with all the trimmings of advancement in Parker’s career and the Chicago Bulls’ rebuilding plan.