Los Angeles Lakers President Magic Johnson has told owner Jeanie Buss to take the $500,000 anti-tampering fine out of his salary.

Last week, the NBA issued the fine to the franchise for alleged tampering – that is, communications with Paul George’s agent when he was still under contract with the Indiana Pacers. Despite being warned by the league, the Lakers carried on doing so.

Way back in April, Magic Johnson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!; when asked what he would do if he saw Paul George, he replied:

“We can say hi because we know each other. I just can’t say, ‘Hey, we want you to come to the Lakers,’ even though I’m gonna be wink-winking. You know what that means, right?”

It seems that Magic feels he should take the blame for essentially opening up the anti-tampering case. Based on the amount of money flowing in to the NBA legend, it’s also much a symbolic gesture rather than a financial one.

On Monday, Johnson commented:

“This is just on a late-night show being funny. But now I know I can’t do that. We’re OK. I haven’t thought twice about it. We made a mistake. … It’s under my watch. I’m gonna make sure it doesn’t happen anymore.”