March Madness is a month and a half away, and the NBA Draft is four months away, so what better time to rank the top 10 prospects for the 2017 NBA Draft?

It’s being called the deepest draft in years, and for good reason. Many of these players are torching the college basketball scene and making it look like they are men playing against boys. Most of these players are freshman, which makes their play much more impressive.

The talent in this draft is undeniable, but many of these players face questions regarding their skill set and technique. A lot of them have star potential, but the majority of this draft class does not have a totally well-rounded game yet. There are a lot of teenagers who think they’re ready for the league, but only time will tell to see who will be a bust and who will fulfill, or even surpass their potential.

Anyway, here are the top 10 NBA prospects for 2017, paired with a few potential lottery teams that they will fit well on.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow