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Beloved Raptor Terrence Ross, along with a 2018 first round draft pick, has been traded for the Magic’s power forward Serge Ibaka.

This news has been welcomed here in Toronto, as fans are excited to pick up a new big man, capable of protecting the rim. Defence has proved a huge problem for the Raptors this season, especially in the paint. A combination of Pattrick Patterson with Ibaka should significantly improve the communication on defence. Ibaka’s blocking throughout his career is second to none, and while not a particularly prolific point scorer, can shoot important shots from beyond the perimeter.


Alas, Raptors fans will wave farewell, after five years, to Terrence Ross. Drafted in 2012, Ross has been loved for his exiting play style and clutch shots. Unofrtunately, it never really clicked in Toronto, as Ross never really put together any sort of consistency. Still, as a likely starter in Orlando, we could see him really up his game.