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The past six weeks have been up and down for the Raptors, as they have had some incredible victories mixed with some abysmal losses such as the late loss to the Celtics in mid-week

Here’s how the players rated over the past couple of weeks:


Kyle Lowry [A]

Lowry had a fantastic December before a couple of low-key performances. Lowry pulled the team out of some tough holes, and showed why he should be in the All Star Team (#NBAVote Kyle Lowry!)

Demar DeRozan [A]

Demar has shaken off the extra defensive attention and is back to hitting 30 points on the regular

Pascal Siakam [B-]

It appears Casey is slowly phasing the rookie out after somesub-parr performances. I would expect more minutes for Sullinger when he returns.

Demarre Carroll [B-]

On the whole, Carroll has not been good enough on Offense or Defense. Although in his defence, he has improved significantly the past couple of games.

Jonas Valanciunas [C+]

JV has been very up and down. A phenomenal performance against the Celtics followed some underwhelming performances.


Norman Powell [B]

Powell has been largely underwhelming in recent weeks.

Terrence Ross [B-]

He has gone cold the past couple of months, he isn’t hitting clutch shots at the moment.

Cory Joseph [B]

Joseph is showing a bit more promise, but we have to question whether he is still worthy of being the backup point guard on this roster.

Pattrick Patterson [A-]

Patterson is proving to be hugely important, his absence was felt sorely.

Bebe [B+]

Bebe has been playing really well in recent weeks, and has contributed with some huge plays on both ends of the floor.

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