What happens when we die? What is the essence of existence? Do aliens exist? These questions come to mind when I think of existentialism. Wait, I left one out. Can anyone ever stop Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors?

NBA fans from all over the world are actually starting to believe that the Golden State are impossible to repress. Many are starting to believe that this team actually has the right ingredients to beat the 1995-1996 Bulls’ impeccable record of 72-10. In fact, if they manage to limit their losses to just five games, the Warriors would tie the best record in NBA history.

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The team has everything it needs to win back-to-back championships, after beating LeBron’s injury-prone Cavaliers to clinch the first championship since 1975. The chemistry the unit has built is just unbelievable. Iguadola’s experience is a major factor for the Warriors success, their energetic bench is always ready to help, Draymond Green always has his eyes set on the triple double, and they have the reigning 3-point contest winner, Klay Thompson.

But let’s face it, most of GSW’s recent success has been possible thanks to one man: Stephen Curry. Curry has demonstrated he can shoot from literally anywhere, the 3-point line, 30 yards, 40 yards, half court, and full court. His range is crazy and the defenders are really starting to defend him the second he gets the ball, because he’ll drain a shot without you even realizing it.

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Let’s take his legendary performance against Oklahoma City Thunder. The Warriors were trailing by two points and had one last attack to try and redeem themselves. Strangely, the ball holder was Iguadola and not Curry. As the clock ran down, the veteran managed to win the foul and had to make both of his shots to tie the game. But if you’re someone with Iguadola’s experience, you make shots like these. And so he has. The game is going overtime.

Fast forward to the last few seconds of overtime. The game is tied at 118. There are exactly 6.5 seconds left on the shot clock. The Warriors have one timeout but they don’t take it. Instead, they pass it to Curry who just crosses the half court line by just a bit and takes a crazy shot from way too far. Everyone knows that this one’s landing right in. Curry’s teammates, his opponents, the crowd. Curry just hit the winner from almost half court. I can’t even think of someone who has a range that’s even close to Curry’s. He’s surely the first of his kind.

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Curry also entered the record books twice on that night as he broke the NBA single-season mark for 3-pointers (which ironically was held by him last year), and tied Kobe Bryant’s record of most 3-pointers in a game.

With that being said, it’s really hard to think of anyone who could level Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.