It has been reported by Kurt Helin of NBC Sports that the Cleveland Cavaliers have acquired forward Channing Frye from the Orlando Magic in a three team trade that also includes the Portland Trail Blazers. Terry Stotts’ men will recieve Anderson Varejao in the trade but they are expected to waive him. Orlando will recieve Jared Cunningham whom they will waive and they will also get a second round pick which won’t hold a lot of value due to Cleveland’s good record.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images Sport

Channing Frye will likely play a bench scoring role for the Cavaliers and due to his ability to stretch the floor it means that they can stretch a teams interior defence for 48 minutes.

The Magic are essentially dumping the salary of Frye who is due to earn nearly eight million next season as they have found hope in Aaron Gordon and Nic Vucevic in recent months.

For Cleveland, they are gaining a good rental player who could push them closer to the Golden State Warriors.