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The battle for the top spot in the Eastern Conference is hotting up – with the Cavs and the Raptors slipping up in the new year, the Celtics and the Wizards have played out of their skins to make it a top four. Who will take first place?


The Cavs have slipped after losing Kevin Love to injury, with players such as Jefferson failing to fill in. Lebron and Kyrie are still putting up great numbers, but the rest of the squad need to deliver if they want to hold the top spot. Currently at 43-21, it seems a shadow of the record we saw last season.


Isaiah Thomas is leading the charge for his Boston side. His points, combined with cohesive team defence, have led the Celtics to a strong run to secure second seed. Seven wins in 14 days in early February reflected this.


John Wall and his playmaking have shown the Washington side to be a fluid, exciting team. His assists have supplied Bradley Beal and Bogdanovic, who have really turned up in the past couple of months.


The Raps can look fantastic on their day, and then lose with six assists the next. Lowry’s injury hasn’t affected them too much, as Derozan and others have stepped up. Tucker and Ibaka were two fantastic signings who may launch the Toronto team back in contention after a difficult new year.



1) Cavaliers

2) Raptors

3) Celtics

4) Wizards

While Cleveland should hold on, I see the Raptors going on a run down a fairly easy schedule, to pip the other two to the second seed,