It was another poor week for Toronto, as they went 1-2 in a week where fans expected three wins.


Streeter Lecka/Getty Images Sport

Kyle Lowry [A]

Lowry is the only player performing well right now, he is in serious need of support.

Demar DeRozan [B-]

DeRozan returned against the Magic, but he had a really poor game.

Jared Sullinger [C]

Sullinger was poor this week, and it looks as if he is returning to his old shape.

Demarre Carroll [C]

I have thought of a quote that best sums up DeMarre Carroll’s performances this year-  “There are only three things certain in life, death, taxes, and Carroll bricking wide open threes.”

Jonas Valanciunas [B]

His rebounding is getting better, but he didn’t contribute enough offensively this week.


Norman Powell [A-]

Powell played well this week, and he should be getting increased minutes.

Terrence Ross [B-]

Ross is hitting some clutch threes, but as has been typical of him throughout his career, he isn’t playing consistently enough.

Cory Joseph [B-]

It was a low-key week for the Canadian as he struggled to make any impact.

Pattrick Patterson [B]

Patterson was the only Raptor who decided to play any defence this week, he will be huge in the playoffs for this reason.

Bebe [B+]

Bebe is developing nicely, he just needs to add some toughness to his game.

Siakam [B]

Siakam managed to capitalise on Sullinger’s bad form, as he had a decent week in his limited minutes.