Week five led to a 2-1 run for the Canadian team; after being outclassed by the Clippers, the Raptors put in two great team performances to take the wins against the Bucks and the Rockets. Here’s how the players performed:


Kyle Lowry [A-]

A good week for the point guard; no double doubles, but he’s really come up clutch when it matters. Leading the one man attempted fightback against the Clippers, he also shot important fourth quarter baskets to close out the Bucks win.

Demar Derozan [B+]

Demar came up clutch this week as he had Three 25+ games following a shocker against the Kings. The highlight was a great third quarter performance against the Bucks, which rounded off a good week for the star player.

Pascal Siakam [B+]

The rookie just keeps progressing!, he had an impressive seven rebounds against the Bucks.

Demarre Carroll [B+]

He is really finding his feet now, DC has proved instrumental in the two wins against the Rockets and Bucks.

Jonas Valanciunas [B]

A solid week for the big Lithuanian, he is a consistent point scorer and destroyed the Rockets on the boards with 15 rebounds.


Norman Powell [B-]

Powell only had a small run-out against the Clippers, and he really struggled to do anything of note.

Cory Joseph [B]

Are we witnessing Comeback Cory? His 17 points against the Rockets rounded off a great team performance.

Bebe [B]

He is now officially the backup centre, but he still needs to improve his consistency on the court. His shot blocking is a real asset for the bench unit.

Pattrick Patterson [B+]

Like DC, he’s really improved, in both defence and point scoring.

T Ross [B]

More quiet this week; rounded off the win against the Rockets with 14, but barely noticeable in the other games.